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The right mission, vision and values, coupled with an outstanding team of dedicated professionals, make all the difference in the success of your project. And when our clients are this happy... well, you know we are getting it right! See what some of our customers say below about LetterLogic or take a peek at a recent press release that highlights our 100% customer satisfaction ranking.


Chris Knapp, Life Force Management, Inc.

Often times when a project is successfully brought to a completion, we tend to remember the problems rather than the pleasure of the accomplishment. Happily, this is not the case with a statement project that Charlotte Brinkley assisted my company with. I purchased a very small company, Cost Recovery Corp, two years ago that has had numerous setbacks. It has a very outdated software as well as limited IT experience with regard to the software. Having experience with LetterLogic through Life Force Management, I wanted to improve the statement and collection service at Cost Recovery Corp.

 I would have never thought that the project would take as long as it did and this was not through the fault of LetterLogic. Charlotte went above and beyond what I would have expected with a project of this small size and scope. We also had a language barrier with our IT support, she typed our letter templates, she checked back in with me numerous times to check the status and basically did everything she could to help me bring the project to a completion.

 It is without hesitation that I would recommend LetterLogic, as it is clear to me that you employ excellent professionals that I would also consider an extension of my companies.


Barbara Folts, Hospital Receivables Services Inc.

  It is a pleasure working with Letter Logic.  Our setup process went very smoothly and the few hiccups we encountered were immediately addressed.  If we need to make a change or add a new letter, their team jumps on it and rolls it out in no time.  The whole team is great to work with, always available, helpful, and upbeat.  I work very closely with Carrie Arkle and she is absolutely the best.  Although, I have never met Carrie in person, I consider her a friend.  We absolutely “love LetterLogic” and would recommend them to anyone.


  Jim McCormick, Harris Health System

 We have contracted with LetterLogic during the past 5 years to mail thousands of letters and statements per month to our clients. This includes printing, stuffing envelopes, verifying addresses, stamping, and mailing.  The initial startup planning and operation went very well.  Since then, they have been responsive to our requests for updates and redesigns.  When this happens, they program the new requests and test them before the new startup. They have never failed to meet our requests and deadlines. Calls have been returned timely and their whole team works with us professionally and enthusiastically.  I anticipate a continued long term relationship.


 Julie A. Robinson, Cypress Concierge Medicine

 We've been partnering with LetterLogic for 5 years and I honestly can't imagine working with anyone else. I've had the opportunity to meet the team and see the facility and can't say enough good things about either. My Client Services Manager has always gone above and beyond - and I know she's a reflection of the entire organization. When it comes to choosing a letter vendor, LetterLogic should definitely be your choice!


 Robin Jarnigan, Account Resolution Team, Inc.

We have been using LetterLogic for several years now. As an office manager of a busy and ever changing industry, LetterLogic has always been there helping us with these changes where letters are involved. I have worked with several of the LetterLogic employees over the years and they have always been so helpful and understanding of our business needs and eager to help us accomplish our goals.

 I have also visited their facility and am amazed at the work they do and the proficiency of getting our letters out in a timely manner. On a personal note, my family visits their town frequently and they have been great to support my own family throughout the years.

 I would highly recommend LetterLogic for all of your letter needs and beyond.


 Dawayn Babb, MediRevv

 MediRevv needed a letter vendor that could deliver both quality products and service as well has help fill some of the customization gaps that existing applications were not able to adequately accommodate. LetterLogic has been able to consistently meet these needs and exceed service expectations. Our relationship with LetterLogic quickly transformed from a vendor relationship to a partnership. Working with the LetterLogic team has proven to be simple, straight forward, and timely. It is a pleasure to partner with a company who is so obviously committed to excellence not only to the product and service they provide, but also in the people they choose to employ.


David A. Mageli, ARS Collections

 We have utilized LetterLogic for over 10 years.  Dynamic product with outstanding customer service!   Our top vendor without question.


 Diane Krug, Greater Baltimore Medical Center

 LetterLogic has been great to work with.  Carrie Sublett has been so well organized, responsive, and patient while we undergo the process of not only transitioning to a new statement vendor, but a new hospital wide computer system.  Carrie walked us through the process in a very detailed manner and made the process much easier. We look forward to continuing to work with LetterLogic and Carrie in the future!


Penny Bays, Credit Bureau-Collections

I am writing this letter to tell you about the experience that I have with LetterLogic and their staff.  We have had a relationship with LetterLogic for over 10 years.  Their customer service is excellent in working with Carrie Sublett, she is always there for anything or any time that we need.  The working relationship that we have together is perfect in that they know what we need and we know what they need from us and that is what it takes for this relationship to be successful. 

We have also started using the Payment Portal with LetterLogic; it works great and we have a lot of success out of it. The staff that assists in working with the portal is great to work with and someone is always there as well, in addition to what we need for print.   LetterLogic provides a service to CBC but we work as a team to be successful and I appreciate all the help and service that their staff supplies CBC and appreciate the relationship that we have with LetterLogic.  I would not have our letter service any other way.


 Emily Martens, SpecialtyCare

 LetterLogic has been an invaluable business partner for over three years now.  Over time we have added to the quantity and type of documents that we rely upon LetterLogic to send for us and will continue to do so as opportunities arise.  They are committed to providing a high quality service, and their customer service is absolutely exceptional.  Our Implementation Manager is THE BEST!  She is dedicated to ensuring the quality and timeliness for distribution of both our existing documents as well as each new document type we implement. 


  David Burns, Northwest Financial Services

  I have worked with three different letter vendors over the years, and LetterLogic has been, by far, the best to deal with. The personal attention, understanding of our business needs, and attention to detail are, in my experience, second to none. I feel LetterLogic is able to create as much a partnership as a “vendor-client” relationship, which makes my job much easier.


Brandy Rousselle, Capital Recovery Corporation

I wanted to take a moment to express how thrilled we are with our experience with your company. In our industry, it is imperative to have a Letter/Payment Vending service that knows the “ins and outs” of Healthcare AR and collection regulations and LetterLogic has exceeded our expectations in doing this. We also greatly appreciate the flexibility, the prompt attention to any matters of concern and the

ongoing communication your team members have with our staff. Our clients are also excited about the new look and function of our payment portal since switching to your company.


  Haley McLemore, Alliance Collection Service, Inc.

If you are in search of a company to handle your letter outsourcing needs, then LetterLogic should be your first call.  In my 14 years with our company, I have not worked with a better company than LetterLogic.  The customer service is like no other and their staff go above and beyond to meet any needs or request we may have.  The ease of doing business with them, the quality of service they provide, the competitive pricing and their customer service all contribute to the outstanding relationship we have built over the last 13 years.


Robert Golden, INTEGRIS Health

"During the past five years, LetterLogic has continued to provide superior service to INTEGRIS Health. It is unusual to consider an outside agency as an extension of your daily operations. LetterLogic has proven to be not only an extension of our daily operations but a strategic partner for future services we will create for our patients.

We continue to appreciate and marvel at the efficiency and effectiveness of your daily operations. From the quality of your products to the coordination with your staff, your service is unmatched. Honestly, you're just the best in the industry!"


Annette Kulyk, Kaleida Health

 "LetterLogic is an outstanding company who goes above and beyond to meet Kaleida's expectations and standards. It is more than a pleasure to have them on our team working with Kaleida."


Chris Klitgaard, MediRevv

 "LetterLogic is simply great! They rank as one of the best experiences we have had with a vendor partner. LetterLogic's implementation process was extremely smooth and their customer service is top class.


They have been very quick to respond to our requests which shows their dedication to clients. Their customized, patient friendly statements have been well received by our clients. I highly recommend LetterLogic to anyone looking for a statement vendor."


Joy Cournoyer, UMass Memorial Health Care

"What I like most about LetterLogic is the client representative team and the excellent customer service they provide!"


Maureen Sullivan, Account Receivable Management

"Keep doing what you're doing!!! Best vendor I have ever dealt with by far!!!!"



 "LetterLogic is a team of experts in the services they provide and we trust them fully with our client relationships. Their representatives are very responsive to our requests and support issues, and they're always willing to jump on a call with clients or our support personnel to address questions, issues, or just brainstorm alternative solutions."


                                1000+ bed Not-for-profit Northeast U.S. Health System
"Thank you so much for all of your help with this and every other issue we have run into.  You are truly a pleasure to work with and have always been able to help with our issues.  You and your company are so great to work with. "


EMR & Customized Implementations

We customize every implementation to meet the specific needs of each healthcare client down to the finest detail. Our clients utilize some of the largest EMR and Patient Accounting software vendors, which include but are not limited to: Epic, Cerner, MEDITECH, GE Healthcare, AllScripts, NextGen, and McKesson. LetterLogic accepts any file format, including PDF.

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